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I'm not sure if anyone knows this, but I am becoming a HUGE girly-girl lol and I am getting really interested in Asian fashion (and makeup and hair ≧▽≦), particularly that of Japan. I started downloading my magazines from the jmagazinescans livejournal community (click here >w<). At first I didn't really know anything about the different magazines lol and randomly downloaded ViVi and Kera lol. The former is a luxury mag for the rich onee-san type and the latter is heavy gothic lolita/funky/eccentric/over-the-top--NOT MY TYPE OF MAGAZINE lol. ViVi was nice, but.. it's not practical... yet. ^o^'''

Thankfully, after finding the livejournal community, I found a reference page for J-Fashion Mags (click here!!) which lists different fashion magazines (both girls and guys of all ages) and divides them into categories like student, street, casual/mainstream, etc. Another website I found is a Fashion Magazine Guide. It's completely in Japanese, but after running it through Google Translate, it shouldn't be too hard to figure things out ^o~ (clickie for linkie~) .These two links are really helpful for people that want to get into Japanese fashion but don't know where to start. ^o^

I found out that I didn't really like goth loli as much as I thought I did and that casual mainstream was good lol. I also really liked elements from the gyaru/gal style like the makeup and hair, but not nails lol. Their nails are crazy... check it:

Gyaru Nails
from EGG's Beauty Summer 2010

It's totally not practical though. ^o^ I don't think I'd want to spend two hours every morning to work on my hair and makeup lol. I've found that I like magazines like non-no, Mina, Soup, and Popteen. *O* Their style is more subdued and casual.. well Popteen is technically gyaru, but their magazine is for teenagers so they have a lot of good tutorials for girls that want to get into gyaru. I am also looking into PopSister, a more mature version of gyaru that is a lot more wearable and less conspicuous.

Anyway, I brought this up because I was able to find some of these magazines here in Guam~ (in a Japanese supermarket)! Yayyyy<333! Okay, the selection is very very very small, but it's there and I'm happy~ ^o^ I bought JJ, a magazine similar to ViVi above just to look at the pictures and maybe cut them out for future uses.. and then I remembered that I can just wait for the Autumn festival and get a bunch of them for a really cheap price... so i won't be buying that again.. OTL ^o^''''

BUT I was super mega overjoyed to find non-no!!!!!! Out of the magazines I download, non-no is my favorite~ <3333 I bought it as soon as I saw it. * U * I'm also super happy because it came with GWP (gift with purchase)~~ See pics below:

The two magazines I bought..

The GWP from Peach John.. a pouch (still in its container)

The outside of the pouch ^o^

The inside of the pouch--VERY CUTE<33

The pouch as seen in the magazine

The GWP in the next issue--I WANT *A*

As a mini review for the Peach John pouch, it is very good. ^o^ I think I'll use it to hold cute makeup (that I don't have right now OTL) in my house. The material on the outside is very nice and soft, and the inside is like nylon.. you know, plastic-y? It's very durable though and I don't have to worry about makeup spilling and ruining the outside. However, the fabric on the outside is so soft I'm scared that I'll drop it and get it dirty~ So I wouldn't recommend using it as a travel pouch unless you are very neat and organized (unlike me *cough*). ^o^

It's amazing how such a small country can have so many magazines. @_@ Whenever I go to the Philippines I always get a copy of the latest issue of Candy magazine, which is a teen fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine. It's very general, but it is good nonetheless. ^o^ However, the amount of detail in Japanese magazines is eye-boggling. They have magazines of all sorts of people, whether they are mainstream or a part of one of the many sub-cultures of Japan. *O* I will continue to blog about this.. it's really interesting to me lol. xDDD

Wow, a pic-heavy post. xDDDD
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