So.. what now??// Decided on my major and minor O.O
Hmm.. I'm actually feeling more excited+anxious+happy+sad all in one. It's a weird feeling. I had my last Senior retreat last Friday, the day after our last day of classes (and exams). When we got into our small randomly-chosen groups, so many of my classmates cried because they've come to the realization that they have to start making decisions for themselves and have to finally grow up and face the world as an adult. Being the emotional-yet-doesn't-show-it-in-public type, I couldn't help but agree with them that it is a bit distressing. However, unlike most of them, I am not really stressing about what they want to do in life, or pressure from family etc to major in something prestigious that goes against their wishes. I'm really thankful to have a family that supports my wishes (well.. as long as I can support myself monetarily xD).

The day after Graduation, my family went to Skylight to eat lunch in commemoration of my graduation. I love their soooooo much!! <333 They had an awesome salad and healthy food bar with brown rice, chili salmon (<33), vegetables du jour, a really great pasta with garbanzo beans/chickpeas, etc.

The main food bar had a build-a-sandwich section, and all sorts of meaty stuff like kalbi, shortribs, and... something chashu-like. There was also Thai chicken(?)curry and a miso soup station. The main food station had roast beef in mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes. I wasn't able to try it because there was always a super long line and I'm wayy too lazy to wait in line for food lol (that's why I always pack my school lunches ^o^''').

Anyway, my favorite stations were the drink sections and the dessert sections! <333 The drink station had a lot of fountain drinks like Coke and Root Beer and stuff, but I love the juice bar! I always mix up the orange, mango, and lemon lime juices + water. It's really refreshing, but the glasses are really small for me lol. I always end up getting two glasses of it when I go. This time the dessert station was not as impressive as it was the last time I went.. v_v It was still good though~ There were a ton of cakes, mousses, gelatin-things, and rolls! As always the cakes were good and moist. Not as moist as I would like, but still the moist-est(?) you'd get out of the hotels here. I wonder why the cakes are always so dry?? I think it's to cater to the Japanese tourists, but.. rich cakes are so much better in my opinion. *sigh*

Anyway, I got a graduation gifts! I got $50 from a family friend~ Yay~ Spending money for me to use in the Incheon(sp?) Inernational Airport in S.Korea~ *o* I also got an AWESOME present from my Nina! <333 It was a camera(!!!)--an Olympus Stylus 820 in Blue.

olympus stylus 820 blue

She even included a case, mini tripod, camera/tech cleaning stuff, and an extra travel battery! <3333 She said its for my trip to Europe~ *o* BUT, she didn't include a memory card!! I know she gave me a lot already, but they don't sell the kinds needed for my new camera (xD picture card) here for a cheap price, and if I order online it wouldn't come until June.. and I'll be traveling then. o.o So.. that means I use my old camera for the trip. But its the thought that counts, and I know that I will be using this camera a LOT more often once I get that memory card! ^o^


Anyway, I have decided to major in Business Administration in Accounting with a concentration in International Tourism and Hospitality Management.. and I want to minor in Japanese language. At first, my family wanted me to become a nurse because I'll be able to find a job right out of college. I played with the idea, liking it for a while because I like caring for people and making them happy. However, the more I thought about what being a nurse meant, the more I started to not like it. Sure, I get to help people, but the environment.. it's not like I cannot handle being around sick people, but.. it's so bland, and I don't like being the one that does all the dirty work for doctors. I know a lot of my classmates are getting into the medical field, and I'm not sure if they even want to get into it because they want to help people. From my experience, all of the doctors I've had never seemed to be truly caring or sensitive. I probably just have high expectations for them, but I believe that if you go into that kind of field, you must be sensitive and friendly to your patients and their dependents.

For this reason, I decided to major in Tourism and Hospitality. Okay, so technically I am majoring in Accounting, with four or hive extra classes in tourism, but to me Tourism is my major lol. I absolutely love tourism and traveling. I guess it is easy for me to like it because I live in a tourist hotspot, especially for the Japanese. I am amazed at how people come to my small, small island for recreational purposes. As a local who has lived here all her life, honestly I never saw what tourists liked about Guam. Yes, there are a lot of beaches here, and some nice stores, but I never knew just what they felt when coming here.

I finally did realize a few years ago, when I went with my family to eat at a restaurant in a hotel in which my sister works (Skylight @ Pacific Islands Club <333). As I walked down the open stairway that showed the waterpark, beach, and forest-y walkway below, some Japanese tourists that were also walking down went all "SUGEE~" (Cool!/Awesome!/Wow!) I know they said it amongst themselves, but being someone that can understand some Japanese, I couldn't help but feel proud that people truly appreciate my island. From then on I decided to look at tourism from the tourist's perspective instead of the locals, and when I did that, my island became like 1000% awesome-er. It's like an epiphanywww 8DD ...And so I decided to major in Tourism because I want to make tourists get the most out of their vacation and make them truly happy (while also contributing to the local economy ^o^).

Arara, I'm rambling again and typing really long posts. xDDDD
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