GRADUATION//Sakura no Ame
*sniff* So I officially graduated tonight. Q_Q I don't know, I think all of us have gone through so many practices for it.. and so many events led up to it like Senior Countdown, Senior Retreat, May Crowning, and most recently the Baccalaureate Mass(I can't believe all of that happened within one week from today. It felt like I've been out of school for months.. lol compare to the first week of school? xDDDD). It seems that by this time everyone just wanted it to be over with. Of course there was some emotional parts, but I think that most of the crying was done by the families. xD

Of course I will miss my classmates. Maybe some more than others, but all of them nonetheless. lol I remember in the speech by our Valedictorian she said, "we might not be really close irl, but we always seem to be on Facebook". xDDDDDD So true. Even though I don't really comment (to me Facebook is more for news about school than actual social stuff), but I do notice that people get out of their cliques and 'tables' and stuff much more easily online. That's true for mostly everyone, but it made my entire class laugh. x3

I think I will really really miss my teachers though. They were so fun and helpful. Okay, that is in different degrees, but that applies to everyone.. I guess. ;| Of all the teachers I've had, I will miss my Senior English teacher the most. T_T Class was so fun and different, yet challenging at the same time. He never really lectured, but somehow we still learned the information. I think that's an amazing skill. *admires* I'm so glad I get more time because he's also the group leader for the school trip I'm attending. ^^

Anyway, after the ceremony, I went to Tumon (the touristy part of Guam) and got Gelato and a hot dog. The gelato was good. I wanted Ferrero Rocher and Pistachio flavor, but they did not have it. T__T Instead I got Wildberry and Blood Orange. The orange was a sherbet and the wildberry was more like ice cream in consistency. They were both really good. <333 The Gelateria (that's what they're called ^^) is called Dolce Frutti, and I totally recommend it. I got the hot dog at the place next to the gelato. It's good too, but I think it's wayyy too expensive for a hot dog and should be left for tourists.. they also sell souvenirs like T-shirts or mugs or something, so that's a nice thing. =D

Okay, as I said in an earlier blog post, I made a cover of Sakura no Ame. I'm still sick, so it showed...and I rushed it because I had to get ready for graduation. o.o

Anyway, here's what I put in the video description..

"This is my cover of Sakura no Ame, a song that was originally created by halyosy, in commemoration of my graduation from High School.

I've been practicing this song for several weeks to release it on my graduation day(May 7), but in the end I decided to try my best to capture the feeling of graduating and decided to record it on the day itself.. bad idea orz since I got sick with a cold three days ago. Dx I held off recording until my voice got a bit better, but I know the quality of both my voice and the practically non-existent mixing is very, very bad. Sorry about that..! ;A;

Since I uploaded this video as my last video as a High School student, I wanted to take some time to say that my class of 2010 is definitely the very best class I have ever been in ever. Everyone is so close to each other..and there is a really great sense of camaraderie, you know? I hope everyone becomes successful in life, especially successful in achieving happiness. ;DDD

I know person from our class even looks at my videos, but if you are reading this, know that you are totally awesome and you better make use of your Ateneo education. (and get Audacity or something so we can duet! *o*)

And for Originalatorian (even though you were technically not in our class anymore), you better not slack off in college and be practical! Don't waste your parent's money more than you already do. @_@ P.S: Give me back Trials and Tribulations.

OH! I almost forgot to add... that quote in the end was a random quote by one of my classmates.. She posted it in facebook lol but it was least to me. .___."

Ahhhh. I feel kind of weird now.

This was a really long post. o.o''' 782 words in MS Word... if only writing essays was this easy lol
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