zomg I'm graduating today. * O *
I cannot believe it. I still remember the first week of Senior year, and how we all felt like we were in school for several months instead of a few days. How the time flies. TT__TT My class has gotten so close to one another this year--I think most Senior classes are like this? My graduating class is small (84 students!), and we have so many class activities. Sure, towards the end there was some conflict between some of the class, but (I think) it got resolved. On Facebook everyone is saying that they'll miss High School pouring out all of their love for everyone(okay.. that didn't sound right xDDDD). lol I'm rambling. It's probably because of excitement. xDDDD

ANYWAY, last night my class had our Baccalaureate Mass. I guess the highlight was our rendition(is that the right word? orz) of Franz Schubert's Ave Maria. Every graduating class sings a version of the Ave Maria during the Bacc Mass. I think the version my class chose is really nice. x3 I wasn't at the meeting that decided the version (because of a fitness exam.. or test.. or something), but I'm happy with it. ^o^

Here's a video of it that was posted by a classmate on youtube. Warning: the video is very shaky and people talk pretty loudly xDDD:

I'm a Soprano, so I sang both the first time and the second. I'm still sick, so I wasn't able to project as much or hold notes as long, but my class has A LOT of very very strong Sopranos lol. I don't think it made that much of a difference. xDDD
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