Uwahhhhhh... I totally just got a cold before High School graduation.. >.< Okay, two days before graduation. I hope I get better soon.. I also need to finish Sakura no Ame(not for Noki's chorus unfortunately.. I finally realized after so many weeks of trying to sing the song that it's way too low for least at it's normal pitch. I'm going to sing an altered version to make it easier for me) for graduation. Aiiiii.. Bleh, I am a mess and I have to go to grad practice too! >.<

Anyway, in other news I am redecorating(redecorating? remodeling? idk lol) my room! <33 I'm painting the ceiling white and the walls pale yellow! I hope to make it look nicer.. it was so ugly and dreary, with no space to do actual schoolwork. I hope this change will make me more compelled to work harder in university! <333

Fixing Room Checklist:

- Paint Ceiling (95%)
- Paint Walls (90%)
- Get a new bookshelf
- Get a new desk
- Get a new dresser
- Get a new TV stand
- Get two lamps
- Get a curtain rod for my closet
- Make a curtain for the curtain rod for my closet
- Organize the inside of the closet
- Get new blue bedding
- Get new window blinds

lol practically everything was "Get.. something" >o< So.. much.. money! *is a total cheapie* I MIGHT put up before and after pictures.. but if I do, I warn everyone in advance: I am absolutely disgusting and messy and what few before pics I have are horrendous. >.< I must say though, my room looks a lot nicer with everything taken out and with a brighter paint job. ^o^b

That's it for now~ Elia, ganbarimasu~! *__*

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