About Elianti...
So.. if you want to know more about Elianti than that little bit on the side, here's some stuff that I'm willing to share.. ^_^ It's quite a lot in my opinion.. o.o

Name? Elianti (okay, that is what it is HERE at least.. ^o^''')

Nickname/s? Eria/Elia(I actually prefer this over Eli), Eli(and its variants.. -chan, -san, -nee, etc etc)... anything else? 8DDD (anything BUT ELIANTII)

Birthdate? July 20, 1992

Age? For now.. 17 y/o

Ethnicity? 100% Filipina <3

Location? Guam, "Where America's Day Begins" (come visit! <333)

Favorite color? All? It used to be blue for the longest time ever, until I started liking everything ^o^'' Color comobs, on the other hand, are totally different though. I have my likes and dislikes there..

Favorite music genre? Anything but rap music with horrible language. Or any music with unclean language.. especially when it makes up like 90% of the song. >.<

Favorite Vocaloid/UTAU? GUMI! <3 Since her voice bank is by Megumi Nakajima (who's half-Filipino~ yey! ^o^), and her voice is so cute/beautiful/cool!

Favorite Nico Singers? Jack <3, Gazelle/Nagi (okay, she isn't one anymore, but.. ;A;), Clear, Wotamin, Tourai, Hanatan, Milia, etc etc etc. There are too many to list..

Favorite Youtube Singers?
JackSparrowRon (anata~ <333333), SquaDus, Nezaibaka/Remi, RinSakuraRin, icestrawberrycream/Haru-chan, xyzddaeneo/Xyz, QrMomoka, etc etc etc Too many to list for YT too. TT__TT So many great singers!

Other interests? I like eating and sleeping lol <333 I also like cooking, doodling, singing (of course lol), SUNFLOWERS <3333333, and researching tourism stuff and travel destinations and Asian fashion.

Other dislikes?
I HATE spiders >.<, my tendency to procrastinate, the high prices of everything I want, unnecessary cursing, rude people, etc etc etc.

How would you describe your fashion style? I really can't afford the style that I want, but I am (very very very slowly) getting into mote/Shibuhara (girly/sweet + sassy/gal + eclectic touches). ^o^ Shibuhara <333

What is one random thing about yourself? Hm... I can't stay up late. ;A; I can only stay up until like 1am (10+ GMT) at the LATEST and since everyone I chat with are on the other side of the world or stay up later than I do, I'm *rarely* online even though I am lol just not at the same time.

Okay, so I think that's pretty thorough. If anyone wants to know more... we'll see. >.<

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--omg *w*--
YAY ~ i saw my name on the one of the best singers *///* but you know, you are one of the best singers i know too *w*

and welcome to fc2 blog btw <3 you saw the templates right?<3
its awesome *w*
[2010/05/06 04:28] URL | ハルちゃん #- [ Edit ]
--No title--
Yay!! Haru-chan is def one of the best YT singers I've ever heard. <3333

Thanks for the welcome~ ^^ I totally love the templates! I keep previewing themwww I want to use my current template and make my own layout.. eventually. *ish lazy to do some graphic designing =w=*
[2010/05/06 07:35] URL | エリアンティ #- [ Edit ]
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