Weekly Update? /o/
Ahhh.. I was planning to update over the weekend, but I forced myself to wait until after I finished my Philosophy project/presentation... I ended up taking the weekend + Monday holiday + Tuesday morning to finish. OTL I think it paid off though~ My teacher liked it... and I don't have to worry about 1/4th of my grade anymore! ^o^

So.. this past week was boring.. just school, going home, reading yaoi Hetalia fanfics, sleeping early, repeat.. *sigh* On the days I just stay in the library, I tend to draw.. random stuff.. >_> um.. yeah.

Some stuff are things related to what I was reading, and some are.. not. xD Yayy my beloved Poyo from elementary school make a comeback(?!)~

One thing I noticed is that am eating a lot of castella. xDD My mom always gets one or two everyday from her coworker and it just piles up in the refrigerator. xDD I love castella though~ Castella and milk<3333 I think the way I eat is weird though. @_@ Is it..???

Castella right out of its wrapper...

How I eat it. o.O Castella is so spongy and I play with its sponge properties. xDD So I break it up into small pieces, put it in a cup, pour some milk, watch it disappear!~ *O*(LOL I'm such a kid), pour more milk, and mix~ It doesn't look pretty, but when are my food concoctions ever pretty? XP It tastes good, that's what counts, right??!

..Ahem. So this weekend my family went out to eat Fuji Ichiban, the most popular ramen/Japanese restaurant in Guam to locals.. It's been a while since we last ate there on the weekend.. @_@ It was even more busy.. Gah, I blame it on the buildup. I don't want there to be lots of scary military people here... ahhhh!! As long as Guam benefits from it... >.<

Oh yeah... so.. My family had the regular Miso Ramen(half water base) + karagge set, yakisoba, chahan + free gyoza~ We were all hungry so I was only able to take two pictures.. of the karagge and the gyoza LOL.

Karagge~ (Deep fried chicken) They only gave us three pieces!!! DDD< It went from 5 to 4 to 3!! *unhappy face* It's still good though~

Free Gyoza~ Never underestimate the power of coupons!! Bwahahahaha~ *cheapskate*

Uhhh.. yeah.. that's it I think.. Sorry about the picspam, LOL.
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