A New Start, a New Blog~!
Hello,everyone~ I'm Elianti! Er.. but you probably know that already, ne?

Anyway, I plan to use this blog as my main blog for everything, from Youtube stuff to irl things.. I know I have a livejournal (that I rarely use orz), but I wanted to try having an FC2 Blog, so I made one! ^^

I actually registered and created a blog a few weeks ago, but I held off posting because I wanted to wait until after my classes end. You know, to have a fresh start~ (*≧▽≦) It doesn't show it though, and I'm still a bit lost as to where everything here is.. orz

I totally love what I have seen though! There are sooo many cute layout templates! <333 I tend to customize my layouts, but for now what I have is fine.. I like it quite a lot actually! ^o^

I guess that's all for the first post~ I hope to continue this blog! and not totally slack of like with the other ones

Topic:New Start - Genre:Diary

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