Natural Kei/Mori Girl + Poupee Girl
In my last post, I mentioned Mori Girl and Natural Kei. So.. what is Mori Girl and Natural Kei? From what I understand, Natural kei is a type of fashion that involves the use of natural materials and subdued earthy brown/beige/white colors and patterns like florals and plaids in subdued colors as well.. It gives off a very.. natural image (duh. OTL I'm so bad with words.) Er.. I'll just post some images instead.. yeah, that's a better idea. o3o

Natural kei?
click for bigger image.. these images are all from Spring September 2010 issue.. o3o

I really like the natural style, it's cute. ^^ (I hope I am not making a HUGE mistake and switching names and terms OTL)

Mori Girl put simply is "a girl that looks like she belongs in a forest", or whatever the Japanese percieve a forest girl looks like (granted, she looks better than real forest girls, but.. xDDD). It's like natural kei, but with more layers and quirkiness~ ^^ Here are some Mori Girl pictures since I fail at describing OTL:

Mori Girls
Again, click for bigger image.. these are from Mori Girl Lesson 1, I think... o3o

My style is somewhere in between these two.. I love the layering of Mori Girl, but.. it's too hot here in Guam! >o<''' So I'll be more natural kei/mainstream.. I guess. It's not too hard for me to adopt that style since I already tend to buy clothes like that (not as cute as the pictures above of course. Flattering clothes are so hard to come by here. TT__TT)


So earlier this month I created a Poupee Girl account~ Poupee Girl is an avatar-based community/game/thing in which users have their own avatar (Poupee?? Poupee Girl? IDK. OTL) that they dress up with clothes that they buy with ribbons, the game's currency. Users get ribbons by uploading pictures of their fashion goods like clothes, shoes, makeup, bags, etc., posting comments on other people's stuff, logging in everyday, dressing up their poupee(?), and a few other ways..

I think it's really cute. x3 All of the clothes are very cute and fashionable (of course, it's Japanese.. o3o)~ I'm surprised I like it so much. o.o I don't have much money at all (I keep spending on makeup.. xDDDDD) but I think my avatar looks.. decent. I'm sure older users know that I wear super cheap clothing, but whatever~ I think it looks just fine!

I also like it since I get to see other people's style, and it gives me an idea of what to wear myself. Posting up my clothing (well.. most of my posted stuff are bags and makeup.. my clothes really aren't interesting. o.o'') and seeing other people's clothing gives me a lot of inspiration~ ^_^ So when I do buy clothes, I tend to not waste my money on things I won't use because I don't know how to wear it (and look good).

So my current Poupee(?) is below. If you have a Poupee(?) please add me! x3 ..and if you're interested in making an account, tell me so I can invite you~~~ I think inviting friends gives both the invitor and the invitee something, and I don't want to miss out on that. >DD

poupeegirl fashion brand community

Hmmm.. so this is the bulk of what I wanted to cover for fashion/girly stuff.. I still have to blog about my Japanese fashion mags, but I think I'll save that for a big post on stuff that I next will be YT stuff!

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