I'm getting a new mic! *U*
So lately my mic has been giving me problems while recording. Before, most of my recording problems were mostly my fault.. like getting stuff like the timing, pitch, etc. wrong, and I could easily fix that with more practice. I knew that my headset mic's quality was not very good, but I just shrugged it off and kept recording. I like using my headset because the sound is consistent since it moves when I move (I tend to move a lot when I sing xD), which I can't say about other mics. However, the quality is really getting to me--I can't project in songs without my voice getting super distorted because I can't get away from the headset and if I take off the headset and just record, the quality is bad as well. OTL

So my sister is getting me a new mic! Yayyyy~! Well, I was saving up money to buy a condenser online, but when I told my parents that I would be spending $100+, they wouldn't let me buy it.. even if I used my own money that I made by myself. TT__TT Thankfully, my sister is buying me one as a grad present. ^o^ ..she's cheap though. ^^''' but at the very least I will be getting another microphone that (should) be better than the logitech USB headset that I'm currently using.

It's a Samson Go Mic.

samson go mic

It's really small!! Like the size of a guy's palm lol. ..but Youtube reviewers praised it a lot so it should be really good, at least for the price ($40-$60USD, depending on who you buy it from). It should be coming in on Monday.. sometime really early next week~ So I will technically have a week to play around with it and record (no guarantees though o.o''') I'm excited~~~ ^o^

Totally off-topic: I WENT TO THE CIRCUS!!! 8DDDD It was free because my sister works at PIC(PIC again lol---it's a really good hotel though!!!) and employees and their family get in free because PIC was a sponsor. Anyway, the performers were from the International All Star Circus. Granted, I don't really follow circuses so I didn't know anything about them OTL but they weren't bad at all~ I still like the Moscow International Circus troupe(?)  that came to Guam last year more. The clown from the International All Star Circus is better though. No pics, because I am lazy to upload fromn my camera. =w=

They have a website though: here http://www.internationalallstarcircus.com/
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eli-san congratz for the new mic >w< It seems so pro, coooolll...... <33

and then and then. I've never been to a circus before D8 Sounds so fun...
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