New Layout!
So I spent the greater part of yesterday and this morning working on my new layout. I think it looks nice and summer-y. Plus it has Rin in the header! ^o^ Better than the old one, right?

click to see the full picture

I didn't make it from scratch though. I used this template (click) as a.. template. I thought I was just going to change the background and header image, and make some changes to text colors, but there were some problems..

Here is what happened in list form:

- change bg to simple yellow polka dots
- change bg to simple orange polka dots
- change bg to orange polka dots with green accents
- change bg to orange polka dots with green accents + small brown polka dots
- change bg to a bright orange sunflower pattern
- see really ugly white boxes under the sidebar sections, take x hours to find the problem and fix it.
- save the layout
- look for a nice sunflower floral fabric pattern to use for the header--FAILURE
- look through gelbooru to find a nice picture to use for the header
- get distracted and ended up looking for Hetalia yaoi pictures X////X
- find the picture of Rin, edit, crop, and used it as the header
- save the layout
- get OCD about the bg again and change it to white polka dots on yellow
- change bg to white polka dots on blue
- deem that the main columns + sidebar were too transparent and that it was hard to actually read the content
- spent x hours downloading all of the pictures and doubling the opacity
- save the layout
- change the colors of the text
- save the layout
- after another hour, changed the bg again to have less polka dots
- DONE(?)

Ahhhh... so frustrating. <3

In other news... Room Update!

Fixing Room Checklist:

- Paint Ceiling Done
- Paint Walls Done
- Get a new bookshelf Semi-Done
- Get a new desk Done
- Get a new dresser Done
- Get a new TV stand Semi- Done
- Get two lamps
- Get a curtain rod for my closet
- Make a curtain for the curtain rod for my closet
- Organize the inside of the closet
- Get new blue bedding
- Get new window blinds Done

Some are semi-done because I found temporary replacements. ;3

Ahahaha, long lists in this post. xD
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both templates are cute *A*
great job hee hee <3
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