My YT(C) Story
So.. another post so quickly! This is because I already wrote most of this already.. OTL Anyway, at the YTC (YouTube Chorus) forum there's a "What's Your Story" thread, where we tell how we got into singing, YTC, etc..

I actually didn't think I would respond to that, but I did. I kept redoing it at the beginning, but once I finished it became a monster. 8DDD After reading it again, I noticed that I left out some important details. OTL I edited it for this post, so the story here is the most accurate..

Here it is.. a word of warning: It is long. VERY LONG. AND BORING. I love you if you actually read all of it. TT__TT'


In mid-late 2007, I watched my first ever chorus(although I did not know it was a chorus or even what a chorus was OTL), Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga (15 person ver.). I thought it was amazing! Who were these people using pictures of characters as avatars singing all of these songs that I don't know?! @_@ I thought it would be great if it were possible for me to join something like that, but thought it would never happen since I: 1) didn't speak/read Japanese, 2) didn't know what I needed to participate, and 3) didn't sing very well. Well.. the first one is still a work in progress, but (I hope!) I've gotten at least a little better in the latter two.. o.o

Anyway, from the Kumikyoku chorus I found about Miku and thought that vocaloid was really weird and interesting... (I wasn't sure if it would ever be that popular back then, but WOW was I proved wrong xDDD) From then I watched a lot of Miku covers of popular songs like GO MY WAY, Uninstall(<3), and True My Heart, and started to really like it.. then I watched/listened to some Miku original songs.. I remember LOVING Packaged and Koi Suru Vocaloid back then<333

I played around with the idea of singing and posting my covers in YT(I learned a bit about recording and stuff by then), but I was scared. The first song I tried to cover (Kumikyoku lol) was horrible. xD So I just put aside all thoughts of dubbing and focused on Mahou Sensei Negima lol. xDD


I was so into Negima (and so excited to sing) that I joined a Negima forum when a chorus for "1000% Sparking!" the Negima?! OP was created. My name was "Loli" (Yes, I was called Loli then. xDDDD) and I participated in my first ever chorus (well.. trio, but.. xD)!! It was so horrible (MY LINES!! MY SPOKEN LINES!!! DDDDDDDDDDDDX)!! But it was my first chorus.. so it's special to me..

The chorus (oh so embarassing... >o<''''''''''')

My voice.. and the bad timing.. and the FAIL!! OTL OTL OTL (..and it really wasn't hard to talk like that... oAo)

[really.. how did I forget about this?!?! o.o]


..And then Supercell came out with Melt and I heard my first Vocaloid cover ever by Gazelle~ *o* I became more interested in NND artists and downloaded some of their covers listened to them as well, and I should do a timeskip...

* timeskip to ~Aug/Sep 2009 *

After browsing on YT I discovered YTC's Akahitoha chorus. Frankly, I never heard the song before then, but I thought the beginning was utterly beautiful and was surprised that everyone was from youtube! I thought that there was a chance for me to finally participate in a dedicated chorus group.. ^__^'' At the time I was still a bit confused a bit about auditioning so I just admired YTC from afar..

However, later in the fall I finally found the courage to upload my first cover (Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari) to YT.. It’s not very good, but it was a start.. Somehow I was able to upload a few more songs after that as well..

Anyway, later the YTC forums opened.. and there was finally an audition for a song that I knew (DSL). So in early December 2009 I registered in the forums and.. well I was/am pretty shy so I kinda stayed in the word games section for a while(lol) but after some time I started to actually converse with others..

Since it was winter break, I was able to sing much more so I recorded a lot and I was finally able to join a ytc chorus (Marisa Stole the Precious Thing)!!! Well.. from there I went on to sing and cover more songs (and meet some great people ^^) and I guess everyone knows what I’m talking about at this point.. ^__^’’

I’ve actually become a LOT more inactive lately, but YTC really has changed me a lot. I loved singing before, but now I cannot go a day without singing at least a little bit(even when I’m sick and shouldn’t be *cough*). It’s great to see how YTC has become a thriving community that keeps on getting better. I’ve seen/heard a lot of people improve since the time I’ve been here (which was not very long, but), and I really wish to see it continue. ;3


So that's it.. I hope I've improved at least a little bit. >o< I hope to continue improving! *determined* I'm still the slowest dubber evar though. *lazy* I really do sing and record a lot!! I just.. don't think it sounds good enough. >.< For every cover I upload, there are at least five WIPs.. Ahhhh.. OTL

Anyway, now that I am done with this, I guess I only really have the stuff from my EPIC 3 week trip to Europe. I don't know how I will work that out.. I guess I can fit it all in one post, but.. I don't want to.. Maybe three posts or something. Either way, I'll have to sift through pictures and edit stuff and whatnot, so this will take a while.. o.o So most of my posts from here on will be daily stuff that most blogger blog about~ ^o^ Finally!
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About Elianti...
So.. if you want to know more about Elianti than that little bit on the side, here's some stuff that I'm willing to share.. ^_^ It's quite a lot in my opinion.. o.o

Name? Elianti (okay, that is what it is HERE at least.. ^o^''')

Nickname/s? Eria/Elia(I actually prefer this over Eli), Eli(and its variants.. -chan, -san, -nee, etc etc)... anything else? 8DDD (anything BUT ELIANTII)

Birthdate? July 20, 1992

Age? For now.. 17 y/o

Ethnicity? 100% Filipina <3

Location? Guam, "Where America's Day Begins" (come visit! <333)

Favorite color? All? It used to be blue for the longest time ever, until I started liking everything ^o^'' Color comobs, on the other hand, are totally different though. I have my likes and dislikes there..

Favorite music genre? Anything but rap music with horrible language. Or any music with unclean language.. especially when it makes up like 90% of the song. >.<

Favorite Vocaloid/UTAU? GUMI! <3 Since her voice bank is by Megumi Nakajima (who's half-Filipino~ yey! ^o^), and her voice is so cute/beautiful/cool!

Favorite Nico Singers? Jack <3, Gazelle/Nagi (okay, she isn't one anymore, but.. ;A;), Clear, Wotamin, Tourai, Hanatan, Milia, etc etc etc. There are too many to list..

Favorite Youtube Singers?
JackSparrowRon (anata~ <333333), SquaDus, Nezaibaka/Remi, RinSakuraRin, icestrawberrycream/Haru-chan, xyzddaeneo/Xyz, QrMomoka, etc etc etc Too many to list for YT too. TT__TT So many great singers!

Other interests? I like eating and sleeping lol <333 I also like cooking, doodling, singing (of course lol), SUNFLOWERS <3333333, and researching tourism stuff and travel destinations and Asian fashion.

Other dislikes?
I HATE spiders >.<, my tendency to procrastinate, the high prices of everything I want, unnecessary cursing, rude people, etc etc etc.

How would you describe your fashion style? I really can't afford the style that I want, but I am (very very very slowly) getting into mote/Shibuhara (girly/sweet + sassy/gal + eclectic touches). ^o^ Shibuhara <333

What is one random thing about yourself? Hm... I can't stay up late. ;A; I can only stay up until like 1am (10+ GMT) at the LATEST and since everyone I chat with are on the other side of the world or stay up later than I do, I'm *rarely* online even though I am lol just not at the same time.

Okay, so I think that's pretty thorough. If anyone wants to know more... we'll see. >.<

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