Weekly Update? /o/
Ahhh.. I was planning to update over the weekend, but I forced myself to wait until after I finished my Philosophy project/presentation... I ended up taking the weekend + Monday holiday + Tuesday morning to finish. OTL I think it paid off though~ My teacher liked it... and I don't have to worry about 1/4th of my grade anymore! ^o^

So.. this past week was boring.. just school, going home, reading yaoi Hetalia fanfics, sleeping early, repeat.. *sigh* On the days I just stay in the library, I tend to draw.. random stuff.. >_> um.. yeah.

Some stuff are things related to what I was reading, and some are.. not. xD Yayy my beloved Poyo from elementary school make a comeback(?!)~

One thing I noticed is that am eating a lot of castella. xDD My mom always gets one or two everyday from her coworker and it just piles up in the refrigerator. xDD I love castella though~ Castella and milk<3333 I think the way I eat is weird though. @_@ Is it..???

Castella right out of its wrapper...

How I eat it. o.O Castella is so spongy and I play with its sponge properties. xDD So I break it up into small pieces, put it in a cup, pour some milk, watch it disappear!~ *O*(LOL I'm such a kid), pour more milk, and mix~ It doesn't look pretty, but when are my food concoctions ever pretty? XP It tastes good, that's what counts, right??!

..Ahem. So this weekend my family went out to eat Fuji Ichiban, the most popular ramen/Japanese restaurant in Guam to locals.. It's been a while since we last ate there on the weekend.. @_@ It was even more busy.. Gah, I blame it on the buildup. I don't want there to be lots of scary military people here... ahhhh!! As long as Guam benefits from it... >.<

Oh yeah... so.. My family had the regular Miso Ramen(half water base) + karagge set, yakisoba, chahan + free gyoza~ We were all hungry so I was only able to take two pictures.. of the karagge and the gyoza LOL.

Karagge~ (Deep fried chicken) They only gave us three pieces!!! DDD< It went from 5 to 4 to 3!! *unhappy face* It's still good though~

Free Gyoza~ Never underestimate the power of coupons!! Bwahahahaha~ *cheapskate*

Uhhh.. yeah.. that's it I think.. Sorry about the picspam, LOL.
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[EUROTRIP] DAY 2: The 'First' Day
Phew.. so the first 'real' day of the trip... o.o um... well. It was.. overwhelming. both good and bad kinds of overwhelming.. well.. I'll start from the beginning.

Strangely, it wasn't hard for me(and pretty much everyone else) to wake up early.. Quite odd since we went on a 13-hour flight, walked around for a while, and slept late.. o.o Ah, well. For our trip, breakfast and dinner are provided.. breakfast by the hotel, and dinner... by anyone/place. 8D At this hotel we were all given a card to fill out with different food/s to select~ I chose a blueberry muffin, cereal+milk, and peppermint tea. ^^ Ahhh speaking of tea.. my friends and I already had tea twice before breakfast! 8D The hotel provided lots of tea bags, sugar, cream, instant coffee, etc. and a hot water.. jug/canister/heater/?. Really nice~ ..but.. the only tea they had was English Breakfast. (LOL. OF COURSE.) >.< It's alright though.. the water makes it taste a bit different though.. not bad.. but different. Hm.. I think I became the unofficial tea maker in my room. LOL. Anyway, breakfast was pretty standard. The tea was refreshingly cool and hot at the same time, and a bit bitter.. but that's how tea is.

So for today we used the tube~ It was my very first time using a subway/train/thing ever! Not to mention the first time traveling in a group.. It's all very.. weird. I know I'll get used to it. ..so. I got confused with the whole system of the tube, and spent most of the time making sure I was with my group, but after a few rounds/connections/stops/whatever you call them, it got easier. ^^

So, my group of ~30 including high school girls, 3 chaperons, and 3 mothers weren't alone on this trip. We have another group with us.. from the state of Utah. o.o I guess they didn't arrive yet so we have an extra day. ^^ After using the tube, we all had the choice to go to the Natural History Museum, the V&A Museum, or the Science museum. We all had our groups of friends so these groups went with each other. My group decided to go to the Natural History Museum~ It was so cool! Guam really doesn't have ANYTHING educationally interesting.. OTL There were so many different kinds of exhibits, like minerals, fossil thingies, animal stuff, human body stuff(the school kids there were a bit too excited about that stuff.. >_>), and other cool things!

RAWR!! She even moves!! So cool~ *A*

After staying in the museum for ~2 hours, we left to do a walking tour of some parts of London~ We used the tube soo many times and walked a lot!! I'm soo not used to this.. in Guam everyone drives.. and the only ones that use public transportation are tourists. Here, so many people use the tube! *o* Anyway, our walking tour was great!~ There were so many notable stops, but the one I like the most was Trafalgar Square. ZOMG the HUGE LIONS WITH PUPPY PAWS<333 So cute. We were just passing by.. our tour director said that we would go there again for a longer time when the other group arrives..

Anyway, after dinner we went to watch Wicked, a completely awesome play! ..but while we were going to the theater, something terrible happened in the tube.. >.< While using the tube, there were these really long and steep escalators.. while we were going down one, an old man in the other one on the opposite side(the one going up) fell down.. >.< but as he fell down the escalator kept bringing him up.. ;A; When he was finally able to get to the bottom, his head was covered in blood, and one of the police/patrolmen got him help.. That happened right when we used the escalator so we saw it all happen.. Well.. personally I didn't see it (I don't think I would want to see it.. >.<), but I kept hearing the thud as he fell. I think it's safe to say that we all are EXTREMELY scared now. Even while I watched the most amazing performance I've ever seen, I still felt something sick.. urgh.. I think we are all trying to block out that and enjoy the show(or sleep. Today was extremely tiring.. I was getting tired myself, but I tried to stay awake--it was soo GOOD!! *A*).. HOWEVER, after the show finishe, we got word from our tour director that the old man was alive, in the hospital with his family, but alive. ;A; Thank goodness...

Well.. after THAT, we went straight home (we're already calling the hotel home xD), and went straight to sleep.. I think most of us did. I took a shower first though. o3o (On that note, I was extremely confused.. um.. not used to showers.. or baths.. I'm used to the extremely old-fashioned method of using a bucket and tabo, LOL. My room-mates couldn't believe I took so long. xDDDD)
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Okay.. so I decided to make my European Kaleidoscope trip (shortened to "Eurotrip") posts be separated by the day. I decided to post it like this because.. well.. we were supposed to write in our journals everyday while ON the trip, but I never got around to do that.. Now I decide to finally write my journals.. TWO MONTHS LATER. OTL OTL I trust my memory enough.. every day was eventful... I think I can still do it. This trip means so much to me. ;A; I'm scared that I will really forget it if I don't write it down somewhere... NOTE: Yeah.. I'm writing them all as I type. However, I am trying my best to write with the mindset that I had on the very day the events occurred.. o.o I wonder if it's okay if I say the real names of my irl friends on this trip.. I guess I'll change them.. >_>

So anyway, on to the journal:

DAY 1: Fly to England

Okay. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!! IT'S SO COLD HERE!! uh.. uh.. Hmm. So.. three weeks in Europe.. without my family. O_O ...what to write..? >.<

I guess I'll say what happened today. This morning (night? the timezone difference makes it hard to tell.. >.< MORNING ON GUAM. That's what I am sure of!) I left Guam at 3am. There were a lot of anxious moms seeing off their kids at the airport, but my family left as soon as they made sure that I didn't forget anything in the car. xD I don't think any airline flies straight from Guam to London (LOL).

The airline my group used (Korean Air<33) made a seven(? it was definitely longer than four hours) stopover at Korea! One of my friends that went on the trip is actually more excited about going to the Korean Airport than the actual trip to Europe. >_> I was still really excited about going to the Korean (Incheon) airport though! Mainly because I wanted to buy Etude House makeup. xP They didn't have as big a selection as I wanted, but they had much of what I wanted to buy. However, I have a really small budget, and I'm really REALLY scared of using up all of my money before I even finish the trip.. so I didn't buy any makeup. I did buy a Blueberry Lassi at one of the cafes.. and tried actual Korean Bulgogi. \o/

After the stopover we boarded the plane(of course). The plane bringing us to London was SOOO much bigger. O.O I was really surprised that every seat had its own tv!! They even included a bunch of movies, tv episodes, songs, and (really simple) games!! So much better than Continental airlines! I tried watching a lot of movies like Avatar, Hachi, etc., but I always got lazy and wanted to see other things. THERE WAS MUCH TO WATCH/LISTEN TO!!~ *o* They had international movies and music too! I don't really listen to actual mainstream artists but it was fun~ I was able to finish watching some documentaries about food and Europe though~<3 I had a lot of time to watch too.. like 13 hours. x_x OH WAIT I FINISHED WATCHING ONE MOVIE. It was 'The Princess and the Frog.' xD Okay movie. I thought it was so cheesy though. xDDD

After sleeping for some hours I tried watching a German film.. called Vicky or something. It was about a viking kid boy that looked like a girl and always got made fun of.. or something. They were speaking German. It was really weird and entertaining. Ahh.. German humor.

Anyway, the plane tv's also had a map feature that shows where exactly you are and how much longer you have until the plane lands. We flew over Russia, the Baltic states and the Baltic Sea, over Denmark and the North Sea, until we finally landed in London's Heathrow Airport! \O/ I have to say.. that landing was the WORST I have ever experienced. =____= Seriously the plane was shaking. I thought I was going to die. x__x

Well.. we got there safe and sound at around 5pm~ After getting our baggage, we found that our tour director was already there waiting for us. She's British! Her name is Lindsey~ We were all like.. "WHUT" when she spoke to us. Her accent! *o* Culture shockkkk! And when we stepped outside... IT'S LIKE I STEPPED INTO A FREEZER. OR A VERY COLD AIR CONDITIONED ROOM. BUT OUTSIDE. WHAAAAAAT.

Yeah.. the temperature was sooo surprising. >o< I'll get used to it.. I have to get used to it.. Other than that!! I am so amazed I am actually here!! It's cold and the people drive on the wrong side and and and .. ahh I'm getting tired. >o< THIS IS SO COOL!

So after meeting our director, we loaded into our bus(we have our own BUS! Woot~) and off we went to our hotel. I tried taking pictures while in the bus, but everything was blurry. *cries* Anyway, the hotel we stayed at is called the Umi Hotel in Bayswater. There was only one elevator and it was smaaalll. It could only fit 2-3 people and luggages if you all squeezed in. My group's room is on the fifth floor.. and the elevator only went up to the fourth floor. OTL at least people let us use the elevator up to the fourth floor... >o<''

After getting (sort of) settled in the hotel, we were given a really quick tour of the area(Bayswater) just around our hotel. After that, we were given free time to buy ourselves dinner. We were all like.. "WHUUT...?" I think because we weren't used to so much.. freedom. Here we are in a different country in a different continent and we were allowed to fend for ourselves. O.O I was surprised and even a bit scared. Thankfully I had my friends with me (who were actually more scared that I was, but... >_>)

Before buying anything though, we had to change money... and the exchange rate!! ARGH I'll go broke!! I only brought $1,000USD with me. That may seem like a lot, but.. 3 weeks in Europe?? >o< Anyway I changed $50 USD... and got like.. 32 pounds. The way I budgeted, I should use $50 a day at the most, and I strictly encourage myself (LOL whut?) to spend as little money as possible. Well we ate dinner at a Lebanese restaurant near our hotel that night. I got these weird empanada-like things with beef(?) inside. Very good, but I totally embarrassed myself at the cashier by pronouncing the food wrong. >O<'''''''''''

When we were done, it was 9pm, BUT THE SUN WAS STILL UP. ZOMG WHAT IS THIS?! *OOOOOOOO* I'm too tired to write more though.. I think I got everything worth writing about.. and even more.. so that's it for today!


So.. how was that long wall of text? Boring wasn't it.. I really think I would write it all like this if I had the time and energy to journal everyday.. o.o''' Not all of my posts will be this long.. most will probably be shorter.. ^^''' Any feedback/comments? There will be more posts to come.. and hopefully there will be some pictures!!
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Natural Kei/Mori Girl + Poupee Girl
In my last post, I mentioned Mori Girl and Natural Kei. So.. what is Mori Girl and Natural Kei? From what I understand, Natural kei is a type of fashion that involves the use of natural materials and subdued earthy brown/beige/white colors and patterns like florals and plaids in subdued colors as well.. It gives off a very.. natural image (duh. OTL I'm so bad with words.) Er.. I'll just post some images instead.. yeah, that's a better idea. o3o

Natural kei?
click for bigger image.. these images are all from Spring September 2010 issue.. o3o

I really like the natural style, it's cute. ^^ (I hope I am not making a HUGE mistake and switching names and terms OTL)

Mori Girl put simply is "a girl that looks like she belongs in a forest", or whatever the Japanese percieve a forest girl looks like (granted, she looks better than real forest girls, but.. xDDD). It's like natural kei, but with more layers and quirkiness~ ^^ Here are some Mori Girl pictures since I fail at describing OTL:

Mori Girls
Again, click for bigger image.. these are from Mori Girl Lesson 1, I think... o3o

My style is somewhere in between these two.. I love the layering of Mori Girl, but.. it's too hot here in Guam! >o<''' So I'll be more natural kei/mainstream.. I guess. It's not too hard for me to adopt that style since I already tend to buy clothes like that (not as cute as the pictures above of course. Flattering clothes are so hard to come by here. TT__TT)


So earlier this month I created a Poupee Girl account~ Poupee Girl is an avatar-based community/game/thing in which users have their own avatar (Poupee?? Poupee Girl? IDK. OTL) that they dress up with clothes that they buy with ribbons, the game's currency. Users get ribbons by uploading pictures of their fashion goods like clothes, shoes, makeup, bags, etc., posting comments on other people's stuff, logging in everyday, dressing up their poupee(?), and a few other ways..

I think it's really cute. x3 All of the clothes are very cute and fashionable (of course, it's Japanese.. o3o)~ I'm surprised I like it so much. o.o I don't have much money at all (I keep spending on makeup.. xDDDDD) but I think my avatar looks.. decent. I'm sure older users know that I wear super cheap clothing, but whatever~ I think it looks just fine!

I also like it since I get to see other people's style, and it gives me an idea of what to wear myself. Posting up my clothing (well.. most of my posted stuff are bags and makeup.. my clothes really aren't interesting. o.o'') and seeing other people's clothing gives me a lot of inspiration~ ^_^ So when I do buy clothes, I tend to not waste my money on things I won't use because I don't know how to wear it (and look good).

So my current Poupee(?) is below. If you have a Poupee(?) please add me! x3 ..and if you're interested in making an account, tell me so I can invite you~~~ I think inviting friends gives both the invitor and the invitee something, and I don't want to miss out on that. >DD

poupeegirl fashion brand community

Hmmm.. so this is the bulk of what I wanted to cover for fashion/girly stuff.. I still have to blog about my Japanese fashion mags, but I think I'll save that for a big post on stuff that I bought..so next will be YT stuff!

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I'm getting a new mic! *U*
So lately my mic has been giving me problems while recording. Before, most of my recording problems were mostly my fault.. like getting stuff like the timing, pitch, etc. wrong, and I could easily fix that with more practice. I knew that my headset mic's quality was not very good, but I just shrugged it off and kept recording. I like using my headset because the sound is consistent since it moves when I move (I tend to move a lot when I sing xD), which I can't say about other mics. However, the quality is really getting to me--I can't project in songs without my voice getting super distorted because I can't get away from the headset and if I take off the headset and just record, the quality is bad as well. OTL

So my sister is getting me a new mic! Yayyyy~! Well, I was saving up money to buy a condenser online, but when I told my parents that I would be spending $100+, they wouldn't let me buy it.. even if I used my own money that I made by myself. TT__TT Thankfully, my sister is buying me one as a grad present. ^o^ ..she's cheap though. ^^''' but at the very least I will be getting another microphone that (should) be better than the logitech USB headset that I'm currently using.

It's a Samson Go Mic.

samson go mic

It's really small!! Like the size of a guy's palm lol. ..but Youtube reviewers praised it a lot so it should be really good, at least for the price ($40-$60USD, depending on who you buy it from). It should be coming in on Monday.. sometime really early next week~ So I will technically have a week to play around with it and record (no guarantees though o.o''') I'm excited~~~ ^o^

Totally off-topic: I WENT TO THE CIRCUS!!! 8DDDD It was free because my sister works at PIC(PIC again lol---it's a really good hotel though!!!) and employees and their family get in free because PIC was a sponsor. Anyway, the performers were from the International All Star Circus. Granted, I don't really follow circuses so I didn't know anything about them OTL but they weren't bad at all~ I still like the Moscow International Circus troupe(?)  that came to Guam last year more. The clown from the International All Star Circus is better though. No pics, because I am lazy to upload fromn my camera. =w=

They have a website though: here http://www.internationalallstarcircus.com/
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