Fixed my layout♥
So I made some changes~ Minor, but at least now my walls of text don't require as much scrolling down.. xDDD I also added another plugin.. ;DDD I think it's obvious what that counter counts down to.. but.. ;P Can anyone guess what it's for..?? (if anyone reads this... o.o)
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Okay. I will be making some changes to this layout.. DDDDD< I need more space for my blog posts.. OTL ..and I need to make the background lighter or the text darker or something.. >_>

Also! Video..

A oneshot of Hachi's Telepsychola Theatric or Engeki TERUPUSHIKOORA. Ummm.. yeah. I want to redo it, but I'm not sure if it will sound much better... >_>

..yeah. I guess that's it for now.. o.o (woot short post!)
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So.. New Layout!
Yup~ My last one was more of a Spring/Summer layout, and since Summer is ending (at least to people that live in the northern hemisphere and are quite far from the equator) I decided to change my layout to something more subdued and Autumn-like. ..and because my old blog/YT layout was hurting my eyes.. xD

My old blog layout:

My current layout from a template called "ohirune". I made some color changes and size and placement changes.. and changed the header. ^^ The editing for this layout was much easier than the last one. @__@

The original "ohirune" template..

When I change my layout for anything, I get OCD and I have to change all of my layouts. OTL So I also changed my YT layout~ I really like how it came out though~ However, I think the white gradient is a bit too much at the top.. o.o

YT Autumn Layout 2010

So.. I think it's a bit obvious, but I LOVE Japanese fashion. <3 The earlier part of this year I have been interested in Gyaru fashion. I never planned on adopting it (too.. um. Yeah. >_>), but it was nice looking at what people do with it. Plus a lot of trends applied not just to the Gyaru style, but also mainstream fashion. ^^

Well.. I'm at the point where I'm trying to find my own style.. Mainstream is fine, but it's so boring! Seriously, everyone in Guam wears the same thing. >.< I like Gyaru, but it does not match my personality. I figured something more natural would be better, so I started to do more research on Natural-kei~ I really like Mori Girl fashion, it's so laid-back and comfy~ ..but if I talk about that, this post will get really long so.. that's it for this post! ^o^'' Next one will be about fashion~ <3
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Not dead yet!
So the title is pretty self-explanatory... ^_^'''

Well.. I really should be sleeping now, so I'll just make a list of posts I'll make in the future..

- New layout!
- YT stuff
- European Kaleidoscope Trip <33333333333
- New J-magazines I got
- School stuff
- room updates
- lifestyle+fashion+other girly stuff updates
- Poupee Girl

=______= Okay, I'm done for now~ *yawn*

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New Layout!
So I spent the greater part of yesterday and this morning working on my new layout. I think it looks nice and summer-y. Plus it has Rin in the header! ^o^ Better than the old one, right?

click to see the full picture

I didn't make it from scratch though. I used this template (click) as a.. template. I thought I was just going to change the background and header image, and make some changes to text colors, but there were some problems..

Here is what happened in list form:

- change bg to simple yellow polka dots
- change bg to simple orange polka dots
- change bg to orange polka dots with green accents
- change bg to orange polka dots with green accents + small brown polka dots
- change bg to a bright orange sunflower pattern
- see really ugly white boxes under the sidebar sections, take x hours to find the problem and fix it.
- save the layout
- look for a nice sunflower floral fabric pattern to use for the header--FAILURE
- look through gelbooru to find a nice picture to use for the header
- get distracted and ended up looking for Hetalia yaoi pictures X////X
- find the picture of Rin, edit, crop, and used it as the header
- save the layout
- get OCD about the bg again and change it to white polka dots on yellow
- change bg to white polka dots on blue
- deem that the main columns + sidebar were too transparent and that it was hard to actually read the content
- spent x hours downloading all of the pictures and doubling the opacity
- save the layout
- change the colors of the text
- save the layout
- after another hour, changed the bg again to have less polka dots
- DONE(?)

Ahhhh... so frustrating. <3

In other news... Room Update!

Fixing Room Checklist:

- Paint Ceiling Done
- Paint Walls Done
- Get a new bookshelf Semi-Done
- Get a new desk Done
- Get a new dresser Done
- Get a new TV stand Semi- Done
- Get two lamps
- Get a curtain rod for my closet
- Make a curtain for the curtain rod for my closet
- Organize the inside of the closet
- Get new blue bedding
- Get new window blinds Done

Some are semi-done because I found temporary replacements. ;3

Ahahaha, long lists in this post. xD
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