AHHH Short Mini Update
Sorry about the lack of updates!!! >o<

I've been.. busy(?) these past few weeks... OTL I have A LOT of things to blog about though~ (and I did not forget about my Eurotrip Journal blogging thing either~ I was just organizing events with other people that went.. ^^''')

A.. while ago, I posted a cover of Miracle∞Hinacle~ I've been trying to sing it since last year OTL I always got lazy-sounding(LOL) towards the end though so I never uploaded it.. I sang this after singing(or trying to sing xD) Rolling Girl.. twice. xD ..so I sound a bit shaky. o.o

Also~ (and this is recent, but ahh.. who cares about blogging in chronological order anyway? xD) I finished reading all of the chapters of The World Only God Knows/Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai~! <3 I read like.. 20 chapters(or so) of it two years ago, dropped it for a while, and then restarted it again when there were 113 chapters. xD I finished in two (school)nights. o.o A record~ I'm excited for the anime nowwww~ ;D

..hm.. is this even considered a mini post? xDD

Posts coming up:
- Eurotrip Day 3
- 1st year on YT post
- Random weekly(for two weeks? OTL) post
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